Contrary to appearances in the picture on the left I am currently 47 years old. It is actually me in the picture, just a l-o-n-g time ago when I was a five year old page boy at my auntie’s wedding. That, by the way, is the only reason for the silk shirt… what kind of pre-school fop did you take me for? So here I am 42 years later sitting in my converted garage recording studio at the bottom of the garden, having just finished my first solo album, reflecting on the intervening years and concluding that I’ve actually had quite a nice time.

Since starting piano lessons around the time that picture was taken it’s been keyboards, vocals, bands, touring, sound engineering and production all the way, to the alternate delight and despair of several ex girlfriends, one ex wife and, bless ‘em, my parents. Dad was my first and best piano teacher, sitting with me through those long hours of practice and mum was my first roadie, illegally driving me and my gear to gigs in working men’s clubs before she’d passed her test, thus acquainting me early with the cavalier attitude to authority proudly exhibited by all roadies of whatever age or gender.

Subsequent bands have included Chairman of the Board, The Crystals, The Chantelles, The Velvelettes, The Pioneers, King, The Truth and Dexy’s Midnight Runners. I’ve toured and been on the telly all over the world, recorded in some of the finest studios and have one or two gold disks on the control room wall to scare the kids with. Although my desire for world domination may have abated a little, along with the hairline and my ability to hear frequencies above 5Khz, I still play in a covers band from Coventry called ‘Swains’ and continue to have a great time making a joyous racket.

I hope you enjoy exploring this site. The 'News' page has a blog which I’ll attempt to maintain. The 'Future Wonderful' page has the lyrics and excerpts of all the songs and the opportunity to order hard copies. (If you like the excerpts you can hear whole tracks on Myspace). You can leave me a message on the message board and please check out the links to other sites which may interest you.

The purpose of this site is to promote ‘Future Wonderful’ my first solo album and to thank my wife Jan for her unfailing love and support.


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