For a few tracks in their entirety

Jon Astley, mastering engineer extraordinaire does this amazing £500 mastering deal for unsigned artistes. I know it sounds like a lot of money but if you’ve already invested in recording and mixing an album yourself this is the best half a K you could possibly spend.

Ed at marmalade whale is a genius. Great artist, great designer, great websites of all kinds. Use this guy!

Ant is the best guitarist, bassist and drummer around. He can play on your tracks and rescue your songs, If you need help, and you can find him…etc

You must check out these guys, the Jims are both top songwriters and we go back a long way:

When you want something photographed beautifully John's the man. Check out some of his shots on the gallery page.

This is the songwriting MA I did over the last couple of years. It genuinely changed how I feel about my own songwriting and was a fantastic experience shared with some excellent staff and students. Highly recommended. If you only do one MA this year it should be this one (!) and you don’t have to have a degree to apply.

Andy from xpress can handle all your cd and packaging duplication. Great service and very fast turn around on small runs (under 500).