You Are

In the streetlight I can see a trace of your smile
And the trace of your smile is enough for now
New beginnings should be gentle affairs
Thereís no need to be scared now of anything
And if the spark in between us is the light in your eyes
Then Iíll be there, I promise Iíll be there

Our tomorrows have replaced my old ways
All my long lonely days are behind me now
Youíre the melody my heart longed to hear
And itís perfect and clear right beside me now
Just one lifetime together is never enough
But Iíll be there, I promise Iíll be there

You are the only one for me
The only light Iíll see ever shining when Iím far away from home
You are the star that holds me down
That I revolve around
Youíre the single thought that moves me

You are the hope I hoped to find, youíre the anchor of my mind
When the darkness comes to carry me away
And Iím whole when youíre near me and my soul is completed when youíre near
I can see myself in your eyes

Can you see me now?
Can you feel me now?
Can you hear me now?